Spanish doctor kidnapped in Mexico released

 Photo Credit: Wikimedia commons Special Forces raided the kidnappers’ house and recorded no casualties

THE Mexican Special Forces Unit (FAS) has apprehended a gang of kidnappers on the outskirts of Mexico City who held a Spanish ophthalmologist hostage for over two days.

 According to a police statement from the unit in Mexico City, the kidnappers abducted the Spaniard as he was leaving his home in the Lindavista area.

 The kidnappers were demanding a ransom of €250,000. Luckily for him though, the police had been following the criminal group for some time and were able to quickly and accurately locate the house where he was being held with the help of the network of security cameras around the city.


 Ten officers raided the kidnappers’ house in Temamatla in Mexico State and apprehended the suspects belonging to the notorious ‘Las Guerreras’ gang without a bullet being fired.

 Two of the four kidnappers in custody have criminal records for committing similar crimes. Edith Mayen and Enrique Flores are currently being held at the Mexico City Police Station awaiting trial.


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