Watch: Shots fired in high speed Marbella chase

Stole from guest in Marbella Credit: Shutterstock

MARBELLA Local Police fired shots at a car in Puerto Banus after it crashed into a patrol vehicle then sped away at high speed.

Police had stopped the car after it was seen skidding round corners at high speed. When officers pulled the vehicle over at 6.30am yesterday (Thursday), instead of turning the engine off and getting out as ordered, the driver reversed at high speed, hitting the police car, then accelerated away.

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A side of Puerto Banus that some did not know existed 😱⚠️we are currently awaiting official updates to bring you the latest

Geplaatst door Euro Weekly Newspaper op Donderdag 15 augustus 2019

Police allege the driver – one of three occupants of the 220HP Renault Megane – deliberately tried to run over an officer who had to jump clear to avoid being run over. At this point police fired several shots at the tyres of the car in an effort to bring it to a halt.

The suspect car sped off through several red lights and on to the A-7 coastal road where a chase at speeds of up to 200kph ensued until the suspect crashed on the notorious La Cala bend.

When Guardia Civil arrived the driver and passengers had disappeared. Investigations have revealed the car had been stolen in France last June.

A search of the vehicle discovered gloves and lockpicks inside.


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