Police uncovered a sales point for drugs operating 24-hours a day in a property

ALL HOURS: Police said there were people coming and going day and night, raising suspicions the occupants were selling drugs. CREDIT: Almeria National Police press office

A MIDDLE-AGED couple are under arrest after police uncovered a sales point for drugs operating 24-hours a day in a property in the Cañada de San Urbano area of Almeria city.

Police said local residents reported suspicions the property was effectively being used as a ‘supermarket’ for illegal substances.

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A six-month police operation revealed there was a constant flow of people coming and going at all hours of the day and night who did not seem to be directly connected with the occupants, most of them only staying a short time.

A police statement also said the situation had caused alarm among neighbours, not only because of the number of unknown individuals going to the property, but also because some of them hung around nearby “with signs of having consumed drugs, or of being dependent on them.”

When officers searched the property they found 25 doses of marijuana prepared for sale, marijuana buds drying, various tools used for preparing drugs to sell, digital scales and a large amount of cash.

The man and the woman who lived in the property, identified as J.G.G. and J.P.F., both 56, now face drug trafficking charges. 


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