Longest slide in Spain removed from Estepona

Photo Credit: Flickr Estepona is home to many famous pieces of art and design

THE longest slide in Spain measuring in at 38 metres high has been removed from the Los Niños park in Estepona amid safety concerns.

The company that built the slide was forced to dismantle the slide by the town hall after several people injured themselves on the way down. They were offered the chance to revise the slide and to certify it as safe in the eyes of the law but the building company couldn’t effectively guarantee the safety of everybody using it.

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The slide was originally installed to bring attention to the surrounding area which is a park designated for further development in an area of about 38,000 sqm. With lots of greenery such as pines plus new infrastructure including lighting and irrigation, the Los Niños park has required a large sum of public money to bring it to life. The slide however, was a product of the building company that is trying to promote further development in the area so it will not cost the taxpayer anything to take it down.


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