UPDATE: €2,000 raised for Irish boy, 2, airlifted to hospital in Spain after seizure

Jaidan is in a critical condition. Credit Family/GoFundMe.

SOME €2,000 has been raised for a young Irish boy left in a critical condition after having a seizure whilst on holiday with his family in Spain.

Jaiden Potter, 2, from Down, was with his parents in Puerto Rico in the Canary Islands when he fell ill and and stopped breathing.

It has been reported that the young boy dropped to the ground while he was in his family’s hotel room and that he stopped breathing. His father quickly jumped into action and he carried out CPR while they waited for an ambulance to arrive. The little boy was then airlifted to the nearest hospital after he reportedly started to bleed from his nose and mouth, according to Irish Media.


Michael Potter, Jaiden’s uncle, has been quoted to say: “My brother Derek and his wife and Jaiden lived in England for a while and when they were there Jaiden did take fits before. When they came home to Northern Ireland he fitted once more but the hospital were unable to do anything because he is still so young. Everything has been going well the last few months but today he started fitting while on holidays and he wasn’t breathing.”

The young boy remains in a critical condition. The uncle set up the Go Fund Me page to help with the unexpected health costs. You can donate here.
This is the second dramatic incident this week involving a young Irish boy whilst on holiday in Spanish territory



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