Dutch couple arrested for carrying “weapons of war” over Spanish border

The Spain/France border where the van was detained. Credit: Flickr

A COUPLE from the Netherlands has been arrested by Spanish police for carrying a large number of “weapons of war” across the border of France and Spain.

 The couple were apprehended after a routine check of their van at border customs revealed the vehicle to be laden with highly dangerous weapons.

The items seized included three mortars, nine mortar shells, a loader with ammunition, anti-aircraft guns, a bayonet, a gas mask, and a vintage machine gun with a tripod.


The collectors items did not have the proper documentation and therefore were detained by the National Police and the pair were arrested for illegal contraband.

The couple claimed to have purchased the items from a collector on the Costa Brava. Upon investigation the seller confirmed the story and was found to also have possession of mortars and shells which have also been confiscated.

Spanish police said the couple are very lucky as the items, without proper transportation care could have detonated.

The Spanish Public Prosecution Service is investigating.


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