Hand grenade sent by post in Granada

Caption: A WWII Pineapple grenade previously used in the US army Credit: shutterstock

Tedax officers of the police force in Granada have reported a hand grenade that has been sent through the postal service.

The hand grenade from World War 2 was identified through police scanners after one officer recognised that the parcel was suspiciously shaped like a grenade. They opened the package with special safety equipment in case the grenade still had a fuse but after it was opened safely and the police investigated it further they found no explosive charge.

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The Tedax officers noted that it was a special type of French ‘pineapple’ grenade commonly used in the Second World War. They also reported that it appeared to retain all of the working parts necessary to adapt it to produce an explosion.

The buyer and seller were not prosecuted as the explosive device had effectively been rendered harmless but they were both called in to deal with the grenade in person.

These kind of potentially dangerous items lead to many stop and searches. Decommissioned shotguns are often seized as they require the barrels to be split open if they are unlicensed which can only be done by a professional.

Trying to cross borders with them or send them via the postal service can cause altercations but under normal conditions the items will be returned, considering they are decommissioned legally.


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