Easyjet imparts some words of wisdom

Flight attendants have feelings too CREDIT: Wikipedia

EASYJET employees reportedly despair during the summer months when there is a surge in holidaymakers so excited to get out of the country that they neglect basic aeroplane etiquette.

Some of these disgruntled staff have spoken to The Mirror to relay a few ways which make the process a lot smoother, so without further ado here they are.

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First and foremost, the hand baggage allowance is there for a reason and cabin crew are not there to assist passengers hurl their tightly packed loads into the overhead compartments.

Even though people get through the initial weigh in, bags can still be too large to fit into the allocated space if they’re splitting at the seams so be aware the next time a ‘regulation cabin bag’ is on offer.

Secondly, for all those nervous flyers out there, sit at the front of the plane. Less noise, more stability, less vomit.

Be considerate to fellow passengers. Holdups are a sweaty faff in the summer and they can be avoided most of the time by turning up at the gate on time. Also, nappy changes should remain in the toilets. Do not bring cabin crew into this ordeal.

Last but not least, don’t leave passports, bags, tickets, dignity, stains or any other surprises for the cleaners on the plane after disembarking.


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