Parents beat their young daughters

Tragic discovery in Alhaurin el Grande

A Muslim couple have been arrested for brutally beating their daughters for not wanting to practice Islam.

The couple, originally from Guinea, have been arrested in Palma for allegedly assaulting their young daughters for not wanting to wear the Islamic veil or practice the Muslim religion.

National Police arrested the couple on Monday for crimes of abuse, child abuse and causing injury to the girls.


Staff and teachers at the children’s school, PAC Escola Graduada in Palma, informed the authorities by issuing a report stating that they suspected that the children were being mistreated.

The girls, aged 12 and 14, had numerous injuries and confirmed that they had been beaten by their own parents. One of the girls confirmed that her father repeatedly attacked them for refusing to wear the Islamic veil and not wanting to practice the Muslim religion.

According to Ultima Hora, the father beat the girls with a charging cable and with his belt to teach the girls to live “the right way”.

The parents will now face charges in court whilst the girls are are cared for elsewhere.


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