Guardia Civil discover who´s behind Almeria jewellery theft

Jewels were left in the street by mistake. Credit: Guardia Civil (file photo)

FRIENDS of the family of a robbery victim in El Ejidoare under arrest on charges of theft and fraud after the Guardia Civil recovered €4,500 worth of stolen jewellery from a gold shop.

The Guardia detained a friend of the victim’s daughter and the friend’s boyfriend for taking the jewellery and a third person suspected of receiving the stolen items and passing them onto a fourth individual, who they said would have been hoodwinked into taking the bracelets, necklace and watch to a gold shop to sell.

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The Guardia investigation followed the victim’s report they had discovered the jewellery was missing from their home, but there were no sign any doors had been forced or that anything had been broken open to get to the items. This led investigators to believe the thieves were among the circle of people close to the jewellery owner.

It emerged that the daughter’s friend and her other half had got their hands on a key to the property and hence access to the pieces, the Guardia said.


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