Ex ETA leader to be extradited to Spain

Soledad Iparragirre and Sergio Polo were convicted for the murder in 2004. Source: Twitter @larazon

According to legal sources, the ex leader of the ETA, Soledad Iparragirre will be extradited to Spain to face trial for the murder of Army Commander Luciano Cortizo in December 1995 in Leon.

The extradition process was requested four years ago by the National Court after a routine review of all the unsolved ETA criminal cases.

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The Guardia Civil found a link between Iparragirre and convicted killer Sergio Polo dated between November 10 and December 22, connecting the pair to the bombing of vehicle which killed Cortizo and injured his 18 year old daughter.

In 2004, Iparragirre and her partner Mikel Albisu were sentenced to 20 years in prison in France for the murder.

Iparragirre was handed over to Spain last January but she was released as she had no pending convictions under her name at the time, however this new link has reopened the investigation into the murder.

Fellow ETA killer Sergio Polo is currently in prison here in Spain at the Herrera de la Mancha Prison (Ciudad Real) where he is serving 110 years for the bombing of the car.


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