Campaign for cleaner streets in Orihuela

Campaign for cleaner streets in Orihuela Credit: Shutterstock

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THE council of Orihuela has acquired a new pressure cleaning vehicle, an inspection vehicle and 17 cleaning carts which will go a long way in tidying up during the fiestas.

Mayor, Emilio Bascuñana and the Councillor for Street Cleaning Dámaso Aparicio have joined together to improve the fleet of cleaning vessels that have been referred to as inadequate in the past by residents.

The cleaning apparatus most requested by the people of Orihuela was the IVECO pressure cleaning vehicle which uses a propane boiler to heat the water and better remove stubborn grime from the streets as a result. The vehicle cost €56,446.50 which is almost twice the price of the rest of the cleaning supplies combined.

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The mayor has also dedicated time and resources into informing the public on ways to keep the streets clean and improve current waste disposal methods.

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