One in three children are overweight in Spain: What are our children eating?

CHILDHOOD OBESITY: One in three children is overweight in Spain. CREDIT: SHUTTERSTOCK.

After the worst years of the financial crisis, childhood obesity figures have stabilised, but the problem remains alarming.

An unbalanced diet, unhealthy habits and lack of exercise are the causes of this epidemic that affects 32.1 per cent of Spanish children.

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Spain is the fifth country in Europe with the highest percentage of overweight and childhood obesity. Ironically, Mediterranean children are the most likely not to follow a Mediterranean diet, recommended by the World Health Organisation (WHO). In part due to the financial crisis, where ultra-processed foods were consumed more readily, since these are more affordable.

In addition, there are habits which do not favour a balanced diet. Seven out of ten children will eat sitting in front of a screen, “a practice that causes them to consume more food than necessary, as they concentrate on what they are seeing, rather than the food, so they feel satiety later. “As explained by Chef Alberto Chicote. Additionally only 37, three per cent of parents usually eat with their children.

More family meals are needed with less electronic devices on the kitchen table.



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