Barcelona El Prat airport to be hit with strikes this month

Caption: Barcelona airport is set for more travel chaos this month. Source: Wikipedia

The country’s second busiest airport is due to be hit with worker strikes at the end of this month, potentially throwing thousands of holiday makers plans into turmoil.

The strike is being held by Iberia ground workers after a long running dispute over working conditions.

According to the airports official website, the strikes are due to take place on Saturday August 24, Sunday August 25, Friday August 30 and Saturday August 31.


Over 2,500 members of the company committee of Iberia Barcelona have called the strikes due to the passive attitude shown by the company bosses in dealing with the workers demands.

After initial strikes were held in July, talks have been quiet and the company has failed to submit new proposals to negotiate plans to improve the working conditions.

The Ministry of Labour of the Generalitat have urged the company to resume talks but according to union members the company has shown a “lack of interest” in solving the airports disputes.

Workers are campaigning for the company to end under staffing issues, provide stability to the workforce, transforming permanent part-time workers to full-time employees and to end the alleged abuse of overtime by introducing firm hourly contracts.

As Iberia ground crew work on at least 30 different airlines including Vueling , British Airways, Air Lingus and Level, if the strike goes ahead it will cause major disruption to the airport, which is currently experiencing is busiest period in over 5 years.



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