Wildfire in Gran Canaria forces home evacuations


A WILDFIRE raging in Gran Canaria has forced evacuations from a dozen areas.

Hundreds of residents of parts of Tejada, Artenera and Galdar had to get out of their homes on Saturday night as a preventative measure and roads have been closed.

The blaze started up in Artenara at midday on Saturday and by this morning had been classified as a level two danger and had affected at least 900 hectares on the island’s summit, the 112 emergency service reported on Twitter.


Given the seriousness of the situation the Canary Island government called for assistance from the Emergencies Military Unit, which has sent in about 30 personnel and eight support vehicles.

Meanwhile, the Guardia Civil has detained a 55-year old man from Telde suspected of unwittingly sparking the fire by using a welding machine at a property in the Las Peñas area, Spanish media reported.

Así estamos ahora mismo BOMBEROS GRAN CANARIA, desbordados por la situación.Seguimos trabajando y luchando por nuestra isla!!!Última hora: 01:00 día 11 de agosto.

Geplaatst door BOMBEROS GRAN CANARIA op Zaterdag 10 augustus 2019



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