BREAKING: Oslo mosque shooting investigated as attempted terrorism

SUSPICION: Police said the young man is believed to have anti-immigration and far-right views. CREDIT: Shutterstock

NORWEGIAN police are treating a shooting at a mosque in Oslo on Saturday afternoon as an act of terrorism, acting chief of the police operation Rune Skjold said at a news conference today, Sunday.

A heavily armed gunman, identified as “a young white man” by police, reportedly entered the mosque near the Norwegian capital and opened fire.

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Members of the mosque managed to overpower the assailant before police arrived at the scene and arrested him, according to press reports. One person is believed to have suffered minor injuries, but it is not clear whether they were hit by gunshot.

The detainee is suspected of having anti-immigrant and far-right views, Skjold revealed.

As well as the shooting incident at the mosque, police suspect the young man is also connected to the death of a young woman found dead at her home in the same part of the city as the mosque.


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