Russian naval ship docks in Spain’s African enclave of Ceuta despite NATO concerns

IN PORT: NATO has previously criticised Spain for allowing Russian ships such as the Perekop to dock in its harbours (file photo). CREDIT: Wikimedia Commons

A TRAINING ship with the Russian navy has docked in one of Spain’s African enclaves despite criticism from NATO for allowing vessels from the country to refuel there.

The Perekop Smol’nyy class vessel docked in Ceuta earlier this week. It is the second time a Russian warship has docked in the Spanish enclave this month and the third time in a year despite NATO condemnation.

Russian ships were blocked from Spanish ports from 2016 but the docking of the cruiser Marshal Ustinov last year signalled their return. The Vasily Bikov patrol ship also docked in Ceuta in June.


The Perekop was built in 1977 and began its career in the Soviet Navy.



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