Three young Mallorcans launch the largest animal adoption website in Spain

NEW SITE: The service is the largest animal adoption platform in Spain. CREDIT: Shutterstock

THREE young website developers in Mallorca have launched the largest animal adoption platform in Spain, with more than 15,000 to choose from.

The developers of discovered the animals by gathering information from independent animal adoption agencies all over Spain. The website is unique in that it offers various advanced functional search tools such as age, sex, breed and location.

The service is growing exponentially in popularity and the creators are not done yet. The team of software developers are keen to extend their project into the mobile world so they are creating an app which also allows users to search for lost animals. 


The app will offer two public spaces, one to report a lost animal and another to inform users the location and time that an animal has been sighted. The website and app are free and the creators said they intend to keep them that way. 


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