National Police officers help convulsing man in car

The Unidad de Extranjería y Documentación where the vehicle was parked. Source: Google Maps

Two officers of the National Police have come to the aid of a man who was suffering a seizure in his vehicle in the town of Fuentes de Oñoro.

The officers were altered by a citizen of a man in a French plated vehicle that was unwell parked outside the Unidad de Extranjería y Documentación  of Fuentes de Onoro. They approached the car to find the man with severe breathing difficulties, experiencing muscle spasms and what appeared to be bleeding from his mouth.

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They quickly notified 112 and removed the gentleman from the vehicle, putting him in a safe position to prevent any further injury or damage. After a couple of minutes the authorities managed to improve his bleeding and stop the convulsions and noticed the blood from his mouth was from biting his tongue. They stabilised his condition until the paramedics arrived.

The manager of a nearby restaurant offered the man a place to rest, food and drink which enabled him to carry on his journey later in the day. His dog, who was also in the vehicle at the time, was cared for by the police and returned to the side of his owner.

A statement by the Salamanca Police Station praised the officers, “this action is a sample of the innumerable humanitarian services carried out by National Police agents throughout Spain. The enormous commitment of the Police to society is reflected.”



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