Boy lost in forest in Spain found by police

Lost boy found Credit: Shuttestock

POLICE have found an eight-year-old boy who had become lost in a forest in the Burgos (Spain) mountains.

The boy had been playing with a group of children but wandered off as night started to fall at the town of Rio Seco-Las Machorras, according to Guardia Civil sources.

The incident happened last Sunday, August 4, when at about 8.40pm Guardia Civil were notified the child was missing. A patrol arrived to find the boy’s parents and volunteers already carrying out a search.


Concerned the child might be lost during the night in the middle of the forest, the police patrol was relieved to find the boy about four kilometres away on a track that leads to the source of the Río Seco.

After making sure he was unharmed the officers gave him a ride home in their official car.


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