Rise in home marihuana farming catches Spanish media attention

Many people are now growing the drugs in their own homes. Credit: Pixabay

THE increasing trend of home grown marijuana has caught the attention of the media in Spain thanks to multiple busts carried out by police forces around the country.

The majority of the busts are centred around the Granada area, long thought of as the marihuana capital of Spain.

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The rise in growing the drug privately has become more and more popular due to the ease in which the crop grows and the money than can be made from it.

According to anonymous sources, many growers are “employed” by organisations to grow the crop, paying the grower a salary of €600 – €1,000 per month. The majority of the time, once the crop is mature (which takes approximately three to four months) it is then collected and prepared for distribution.

Many people are now growing the drugs in their own homes.
Credit: Pixabay

The National Police are hugely clamping down on growing the crops but admit that the task is difficult as the profile for growers varies so widely.

“You have everyone from 22-year-old young men to 60-year-old women and everything in between,” explained a police spokesman.

In 2018, National Police seized over 3.5 tons of the plant in the province of Malaga, double that of 2017.

Although it may seem like an “easy” career choice, the police strongly advice on the potential risks involved in growing for sale.

Many of the buyers have strong and direct links to organised criminal networks and often practice in weapons export and human trafficking.


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