WATCH: Policeman dives on machete-wielding suspect in Spain

National Police in action Credit: Shutterstock

A HERO policeman dove on a machete-wielding man who was threatening fellow officers while standing in the middle of a Villaverde (Madrid) fountain. In a video published on social networks by the National Police Union (JUPOL), you can see how the 31-year-old man challenges the officers with a machete in his hand.

Fully dressed, the man got into the fountain and was immediately surrounded by officers. The leading role was taken by one of the policemen. While his fellow officers surrounded the fountain and caught the man’s attention, he climbed a step in the fountain to get in position behind the suspect, who appeared to be high on drugs.


Then the officer launched himself on the offender from behind, grabbed him and held him down while his colleagues disarmed the detainee. The event took place in broad daylight, at around 5.40pm. National Police told ABC newspaper that a patrol was walking along calle Godella, in the Barrio de Barrio de San Cristobal de los Ángeles when officers saw a young man apparently taking drugs.

When they approached him he allegedly “reacted violently” and, after “throwing his backpack” at the agents, he turned his back on them. The police insisted that he show them his documentation, but he resisted and allegedly threw several punches.Officers called for reinforcements before the man took refuge in the fountain. The man was arrested and will be taken to court.


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