Urgent appeal to save dog rescuer’s sight

CAPTION: DESPARATE: Maz says she will go blind in three months without the operation. CREDIT: Maz Bailey

A PENSIONER who has worked tirelessly for years rescuing abandoned dogs in Almeria says she is now in desperate need of help herself.

Maz Bailey maintains she urgently requires eye surgery to save her sight, but is worried at how long she could be waiting for a public health service op and so is trying to raise €2,000 for private treatment.

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The 67-year old founder of charity Maz’s Canine Rescue has glaucoma in her right eye, she explained to the Euro Weekly News, commenting, “I haven’t got time to wait.”

Just recently she had emergency hospital treatment for the condition. The pressure inside the eye is very high due to a cataract which is stopping it from draining and is therefore damaging her optic nerve, Maz said.

“I have been told I will be blind in three months if the cataract is not removed”, Maz states on her ‘I need to fund an eye operation or go blind’ online Fundrazr page.

“My only option is to go private”, Maz further claims.

Donations have already been made to Maz’s eye op cause.

Zurgena resident Christine Maywood, along with other friends from Alfoquia, is one of the dog rescuer’s friends who is supporting her operation fundraising effort. Christine told the EWN, “Maz has done so much hard work rescuing animals during many years in Spain: all her pension and devotion goes into the dogs she takes in.”

“It would be a great loss to the rescue community if she was unable to carry on with her good work.”

Huercal-Overa hospital told EWN earlier this week an appointment has been made for Maz to see an ophthalmologist in the first week of September to assess the current condition of her eyes and the need for surgery. The hospital stressed Maz can go to the emergencies department at any time.


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