Special Forces release kidnapped man in Toledo

RELEASED: The Town of Sesena where the victim was found. CREDIT: Wikipedia

Members of the Grupo Especial de Operaciones (GEO) and the Policia Nacional released a man from a property in the region of Seseña (Toledo) yesterday.

He had been held for days and his kidnappers had demanded €17,000 for his release or they would ‘cut off his head’. Details of the kidnapper’s motives are unclear at the moment but reports of the abduction were filed by the man’s partner who received a phone call from the aggressors demanding the payment.

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The apartment was located by police and officers from the National Police and the GEO raided the property releasing the man. He presented superficial bruises and wounds but was otherwise unharmed.

The kidnappers fled the scene but were apprehended and arrested quickly by the State Security Forces.


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