Five people arrested for alleged cannabis farm in Almeria

Plantation arrests Credit: Guardia Civil
Plantation arrests Credit: Guardia Civil.

GUARDIA Civil made five arrests in the latest investigations into the illegal cultivation of marihuana in Almeria province.

Plantation Arrests. Credit Almeria Guardia Civil

The detention of 28-year old S.M.M. and 47-year old R.T.T. on charges of crimes against public health and defrauding the power supply followed the discovery of two indoor marijuana plantations in Gador.

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Officers seized 426 marijuana plants from two different properties identified by the strong smell of the drug emanating from inside and by way above average electricity consumption.

In a separate operation in Berja Guardia searched six apartments in two blocks and found more than 1,000 marijuana plants and six illegal electricity connections in all. Three middle-aged men are under arrest. 


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