Record blood donations needed in Spain

Spanish Blood foundations fight to keep blood bank levels high during the summer Credit: Beale AFB

The Spanish Foundation of Blood Donors and the National Fundaspe Foundation has reminded Spanish residents that blood banks still need donations to remain consistent throughout the summer.

The foundation estimates that at least 150,000 donations will need to be received throughout August for the levels to remain at the correct level. The campaign always increases its visibility throughout the summer months as the need for transfusions increases due to the increased population.

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They also take into account the fact that donors often take vacations during these months and therefore postpone their regular donations. The plea is part of the ‘Red Olympiad: Summer 2019’ campaign which was launched in June to make sure vital blood reserves do not drop below a certain level.

There area number of restrictions when it comes to ex-pats donating blood. Visit to find out if you are eligible.



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