Prison sentences for two of the six Bilbao ‘wolfpack’ attackers

Caption: Parque Etxebarria where the attacked happened.Source: Wikipedia

The judge residing over the Bilbao “wolfpack” case has sentenced two of the accused to jail, with the remaining four released with a provisional order to attend court every day.

The length of the jail term is not yet known however the ruling has angered some.

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The Federation of Neighbourhood Associations of Bilbao has expressed their disbelief at only two of the four attackers receiving a jail term.

“If the six have participated in the rape, the six must have the same fate. The victim will be able to cross the street with their aggressors. What about the judiciary?” exclaimed a spokesperson from the group.

The events took place in the early hours of Friday morning where an 18-year-old girl was lured to a makeshift camp in a municipal park in Ertzaintza, Bilbao. It was there where she was attacked and raped by six men of what has been revealed as Moroccan and Algerian nationalities.

The National Police apprehended the men shortly after the attack due to a description given by the victim.

The two attackers will enter Basauri Prison to see out their sentence.

The Federation of Neighbourhood Associations of Bilbao has also announced that it is working closely with the Clara Campoamor Association to set up Police points across the city where people can report anything suspicious or threatening.

They are also concerned that more things can be done to prevent such things happening again in the future.

“Sometimes criminals enter through one door and exit through the other of the court despite having numerous crimes behind them” explained the group after learning that three of the six detainees have a history of robbery, fighting and aggression.


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