One in three women favour work over breastfeeding

Caption: Breastfeeding is a great way to give children the correct nutrients they need during growing. Credit: Max Pixel

A STUDY conducted by the National Health Survey in Spain on behalf of the World Health Organisation (WHO) has revealed that one in three women abandon breastfeeding after only three months.

According to figures, 72 per cent of women breastfeed throughout the first month-and-a-half after delivery. That figure drops to 66 per cent after three months. This drops further up to six months to 43 per cent.

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These results go against the advice given by the WHO, which recommends that new mothers continue to breastfeed up to two years after the birth of the child.

Due to this, the organisation launched an initiative called ‘World Week of Breastfeeding’, (August 1 to 7), with the tagline ‘Let’s empower. Let’s make breastfeeding possible!’

The campaign is designed to encourage the prolonging of breastfeeding for the full term as well as provide more comfortable situations and awareness for breastfeeding mothers.

“Having informed doctors and nurses, with communication and empathy skills, who advise mothers and their families about breastfeeding and support them in the decision to breastfeed the baby”, are one of the key areas of focus explained a spokesman for maternity care provider Medela.

One of the factors that is being investigated is the fact that the majority of women abandon breastfeeding favouring returning to work and social activities without putting the proper measures in place to continue.

WHO advises parents that if they need to return to work and they wish to continue breastfeeding then the creation of milk banks at home is a very good solution.


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