Lifeguard assaulted while on beach patrol in Murcia

Caption: Lifeguard assaulted in Murcia Credit: Twitter

A lifeguard was allegedly assaulted on the La Venziola beach in the tourist town of La Manga del Mar Menor in the Murcia region.  

A boat reportedly entered the area designated for swimmers which is prohibited as it is dangerous for the people bathing in the water. The lifeguard issued a warning with his whistle which was ignored by the two people on the boat which broke through the protective jellyfish nets. People on the beach began to protest against the boat’s actions but this again failed to stop the two people from continuing towards the beach. 

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The lifeguard tried to photograph the boat. but the two occupants allegedly assaulted him by punching him which left him with a split eyebrow and an injury to his eye as well as breaking his glasses. The lifeguard was attended at the scene by paramedics who gave him several stitches. 

 The local police were able to identify the alleged suspects and the council has already initiated criminal proceedings against the person who reportedly punched the lifeguard. Through Twitter, the lifeguard has received an outpouring of support from well-wishers and colleagues. 


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