Fines of up to €500 if you buy off ‘looky looky’ men in Barcelona

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Fines for buying from 'looky looky' men in Barcelona

A HUGE social media campaign has been launched in Barcelona to combat illegal street vending with buyers of ‘looky looky’ mens’ goods facing fines of up to €500.

The first Deputy Mayor of the city, Jaume Collboni, announced the campaign yesterday (Friday) claiming it is not about making money, but “to warn and to raise awareness, it is a positive campaign. We do not want sanctions, but to give information”.

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And the message will be spread in Catalan, Spanish, English and French.

The campaign against ‘blanket street vending’ will run until the end of September through social media networks and Internet sites as well on the Metro, buses, in shops, hotels and shelters in Port Olímpic, among others.

The City Council will distribute 28,000 postcards at shops and commercial establishments in the city with the message “thank you for purchasing this trade! In Barcelona, the legal purchase makes the city”.

In addition, 6,100 posters will be handed out to traders, restaurants and hotels pointing out that illegal sales in public places is not allowed and warning of potential fines to those who buy the goods.


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