Spaniards who holiday in Spain 

TOP SPOT: Andalucia ranks as the most booked holiday destination worldwide CREDIT: Wikimedia Commons

Where do the Spanish go on holiday? Spain of course. 

The travel company Tulana, which specialises in market research, found that after asking Spaniards what their favourite holiday destination was, most of them declared Spain as their first choice for relaxation and recreation. 

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In terms of specific destinations, Andalucia, Levante and Galicia won in the polls but more generally, anywhere with a beach was vastly more popular than anywhere inland.  

According to the study conducted by Tulana only 28 per cent of Spaniards leave the country to go on holiday. On the micro level, only 29 per cent of Spaniards that decide to stay in the country during the holiday season choose an inland location, which means that 72 per cent of Spaniards stay in Spain for the holidays and 71 per cent of those are staying on the beach. 

The Spaniards who do like to travel further afield are apparently going next door to France, Italy and Portugal but for most, Andalucia is the place to be. 


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