Oil boss found dead in Spain’s capital

TROUBLE: Inflation in Venezuela is over 10million per cent causing global unrest CREDIT: Wikipedia

THE head of the Venezuelan oil company PDVSA has been found dead in an office in Madrid. 

The circumstances surrounding the death of Juan Carlos Marquez Cabrera are currently being investigated but police have so far eluded to suicide as the most obvious cause. 

Cabrera is of Spanish origin but had worked in Venezuela for many years under the leadership of Hugo Chavez. For his role in the Venezuelan oil industry he was always a character of great interest for the US due to the ties that they and Russia both share in the business. 


Cabrera was allegedly prepared to divulge sensitive details pertaining to the Venezuelan oil industry at a US court hearing after receiving several corruption charges from a judge in Madrid last week. 

The accused claimed that he knew many things in relation to Venezuela’s biggest export such as the origin of several million dollar transactions that have gone under the radar. 

After Cabrera was reportedly found dead with his belt wrapped around his  neck earlier this week, the judge ordered that the case be investigated immediately. 



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