Malaga City Metro workers demolish newly-discovered Moorish remains

REMAINS: Railways supplanting protected historic areas CREDIT: Pexels

The Malaga Metro team has bulldozed through an ancient Muslim archeological site that has been there since the eleventh century. 

The Guadalmedina train station has taken precedence over the centuries old Nasrid Wall and has thusly replaced it. Some archeologists have expressed that the Nasrid area was so unique that it seemed to defy the effects of time and appeared as though it had been unchanged for almost a millennia. 

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The Department for Culture in Andalucia is apparently furious with the decision to build over this historic site and has declared the actions of the Malaga Metro as ‘unforgivable’ in a recent council statement. 

The rail works are being conducted directly beside the Corte Ingles that is situated parallel to the Muslim historical site. The area next to the Nasrid Wall was previously classified as a Property of Cultural Interest (BIC) but the railway company has gone ahead with the development anyway. 

Even though the council has designated certain areas of this historic Muslim quarter as ‘protected’, most of it has been decimated and the remains are now only a shadow of what they used to be. 


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