Linguistic discrimination

Linguistic discrimination Credit: Shutterstock

AN emergency health worker from San Vicente del Raspeig reportedly replied to a woman who spoke to him in Valencian with “Viva España!” after she called to ask for an ambulance, according to Plataforma per la Llengua. 

The events took place in June when the woman called 112 to request an ambulance. The woman was asked by the health worker to speak in Castellano but the woman continued in Valencian and, according to sources, the man did not offer any kind of care to the patient and instead patronised her by saying “Long live Spain, long live the king, long live order and law!” 

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Platforma per la lengua, an organisation set up to respect and protect local languages and dialects stated that the man showed “linguistic prejudices improper of a worker of the public sector of the Generalitat“. He has also recommended that the worker “take a Valencian course”. The organisation also pointed out that “Article 9 of the Statute assumes that Valencians have the right to address the Administration in either of the two official languages”. In addition, he points out that in article 6 “the Generalitat will guarantee the normal and official use of the two languages”. 


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