ITV appointment problems in Mallorca

ITV appointment problems in Mallorca Credit: shutterstock

The ITV (the inspection of vehicles) is something that all vehicles have to pass in Spain to ensure that all cars are working properly and safe to drive. Driving a car that does not have an ITV will result in a fine of €200.

But in Mallorca, there are reportedly no appointments available until at least November at most centres and none until December in Palma. If you decide to go to the ITV without an appointment then you could be waiting up to four to five hours to be seen.

This huge back log is causing concern amongst motorists who wish to stay within the law and pass the ITV and avoid the €200 fine but cannot afford to wait until the end of the  year or spend four or five hours in a queue.


This concern has reportedly given rise to “fraudulent appointments”appearing online offering a previously booked slot for €100. To combat these fraudulent appointments, the president of the Consell de Mallorca, Catalina Cladera, and the director of Mobility and Infrastructures, Ivan Sevillano, has announced a measure that should stream line the system and avoid long waiting lists. “All those appointments that do not have a registration number will be released. They amount to 14,800, “Sevillano told the media.


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