Homeless demand housing in Madrid

CAMPED: Homeless people are living outside the Prado museum
CAMPED: Homeless people are living outside the Prado museum CREDIT: Wikimedia Commons

A GROUP of around 150 homeless people have set up camp outside the El Prado Museum in Madrid and are demanding that the government offer them a place to live. 

Mayor Jose Luis Martinez Almeida spoke out against the protest declaring that public spaces may not be used as a campsite but as of yet has made no attempt to remove them from the museum grounds. 

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Deputy Mayor Begona Villacis went as far as to say that most of the protesters were not actually homeless and for the small number that were, she had offered temporary housing. 

Since the economic crisis of 2008 and the refugee crisis of 2015 housing has been difficult to come by for those with limited resources. There are currently 33,000 homeless in Spain according to government statistics and the poverty is clear to see in the parks of Madrid where large groups of refugees are living rough. 


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