Formula One to remain in Barcelona-for now

SAFE FOR NOW: Formula 1 will head to the Catalan Montmelo circuit for one more year. CREDIT: Motorsport Image

THE Government of the Generalitat de Catalunya have signed a one year extension to keep the Formula Once World Championship at the Circuit de Barcelona/Catalunya until 2020.

The announcement was made by spokeswoman Mertixell Budó to keep the flagship series at the Montmelo circuit for another year, despite dwindling attendance figures and political uncertainty.The 2019 “Spanish” Grand Prix held at the circuit recorded the lowest attendance since 1999 and the circuit’s future was in doubt, however a last minute deal to extend the contract has given the track more time to turn its fortunes around.

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One glaring omission from the statement given was the lack of the word “Spain” in the reading. Tensions are running understandably high between Catalunya and Spain which hassled to the official naming of the circuit The Formula 1 Grand Prix in Catalonia.The news of the 2020 race held at Montemelo will be the 30th anniversary of the popular event.



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