Brits arrested straight after landing in Alicante

ARRESTS: Five detained at Alicante airport CREDIT: Wikimedia Commons

FIVE British men aged between 30 and 32 were apprehended at the Alicante airport this week for crimes they allegedly committed last year in Seville. 

The five men from Manchester had just arrived at Alicante Elche airport when police took them into custody after linking them to an outstanding arrest warrant that had been in place since February of last year. 

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The Mancunians are accused of causing public disorder, grievous bodily harm, damage to property and resisting arrest. They were detained in February of last year and issued a court date in the courtrooms of Seville but after they didn’t show up at the trial a warrant was issued for their immediate arrest. 

According to witnesses and a police report, the Brits had been throwing stones at the hotel where they were staying and pushed over several motorcycles that were parked in the street. The authorities were alerted and after they arrived on the scene, the offenders set off on foot and a chase ensued. When the police caught up with the assailants they allegedly resisted arrest and damaged one of the police vehicles in the process. 

The five detainees are currently awaiting trial in Alicante and will be held there until a court date is set. 


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