Spanish man falls off waterfall in Thailand

FATAL FALL: Na Muang waterfallCREDIT: Flickr

A 26-YEAR-OLD Spanish man has died after what appears to have been a fatal fall from a waterfall on the Thai Island Ko Samui.  

The Spanish Embassy in Thailand has made contact with the family of the deceased and organised for his body to be returned to Spain. 

The deceased, who has been referred to as DR, was travelling around Asia last week with a group of seven friends enjoying the scenery and nightlife that the Ko Samui island in the Gulf of Thailand offers. 


DR and his friends reportedly decided to visit the series of waterfalls that is known as the Na Muang 2 waterfall area which is popular amongst visitors but notoriously unsafe. While crossing one of the precipices, DR’s friends recall that he was nowhere to be seen so they started to look for him. When he didn’t show up they called the police and later notified the Kuson Songkroh Foundation who sent out a search party. 

Later in the evening, after a search party had been looking for DR for some time, his body was located between two rocks further downstream. It wasn’t until the morning after however that his body was recovered as the police were not able to reach him in the dark. DR’s body is currently in Ko Samui hospital and is undergoing a post mortem to accurately assess the cause of death. 


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