Prisoner killed for snoring in Alicante jail

Prisoner killed for snoring in Alicante jail credit: Shutterstock

AN INMATE in the Fontcalent prison in Alicante was beaten to death on Wednesday morning by his cellmate who was reportedly bothered by the man’s loud snoring. 

The National Police were alerted around 1am by prison staff and first reports suggest that a 37-year-old Spanish prisoner had attacked his 57-year-old Algerian cellmate after an altercation regarding the latter’s incessant snoring. 

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The accused reported the fight to the prison staff but, despite their efforts, nothing could be done to save the man’s life. Agents from the Provincial Judicial Police Brigade and the Provincial Scientific Police brigade conducted an inspection and an investigation has been launched. 

The prisoner suspected of committing the crime has been taken to the police station to issue his statement and he will be put before a judge once the investigation has been concluded. 


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