Man ‘swindled’ own family out of €160,000

Man ‘swindled’ own family out of €160,000
Man ‘swindled’ own family out of €160,000

POLICE have arrested a 29-year-old man for allegedly swindling €160,000 from his own family. 

He is accused of getting relatives to ‘invest’ in a business he was setting up that proved to be fictitious. He also allegedly assumed their identities, stole bank codes, made cash transfers and took out loans in their names without their consent. 

The victims went to police in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria to make the allegations when they realised how much money had disappeared. They told the police officers that since November last year, a relative of theirs had asked them for financial aid with the excuse of creating a company in which they would make big profits. 


It wasn’t until July that several victims realised there had been numerous bank transfers and several loans taken out at different banks without their consent. 

A man has been arrested and handed over to the courts. 


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