Woman ordered to pay ex-husband thousands for paternity in Madrid

Madrid's streets, which are usually packed, are now practically deserted. Credit: Shutterstock

A WOMAN has been ordered to pay her ex-husband €62,000 for hiding for three years that the real father of his daughter was a workmate of hers. 

The sentence, which is still appealable, says that the woman did not tell her husband when her colleague took a paternity test proving paternity. 

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The husband and wife had been engaged between 2003 and 2007, when he entered a seminary but resumed their relationship in March 2009. They maintained a “relationship of chastity”. Although they had only one “not complete, no penetration” sexual relationship, a girl was born in August 2010, between nine and ten months later. 

According to the judicial report from a Madrid court, the woman had an on/off sexual relationship with a co-worker until 2011 when she learned the true paternity of her daughter, a fact that she did not tell her husband until 2013. 

The Madrid Court decided that the woman should compensate her ex-husband “for not having communicated the doubts about paternity at the time of knowing that she was pregnant, or later.”   


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