More tolls between Torrevieja and Orihuela

More tolls between Torrevieja and Orihuela
More tolls between Torrevieja and Orihuela Credit: Google Maps

THE mayors of Orihuela and Torrevieja have together proposed a new ‘soft’ toll to be implemented between Torrevieja and Orihuela to make sure that the AP-7 road does not collapse.

Eduardo Dolon of Torrevieja and Emilio Bascuñana of Orihuela proposed the new toll to the Department of Development which has been considered a controversial call by many of the opposition.

The mayor of Torrevieja cited the horrendous traffic during the summer months between the two cities and claims that this toll will help to break it up a bit. The opposition claim that the cost of the toll which will likely be somewhere around €3.95 will cause locals to use the back roads where more congestion will occur.

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The new road just below La Manga is a good representation of what investment in the infrastructure of the roads can achieve, especially for the new parking spaces that it provided.

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