Cunning plan for theory test goes awry in Segovia

Cunning plan goes awry
Cunning plan goes awry in Segovia Credit: Facebook

A YOUNG man thought he had the perfect cunning plan when he tried to cheat in his written driving test by hiding a mobile phone beneath his shirt. 

By placing the device’s camera against a hole in his garment an accomplice sitting at home could see the questions, then tell him the answers through an unobtrusive wireless earpiece. 

Unfortunately for the student the ruse was quickly spotted and Guardia Civil traffic officers called to the test centre. 


As officers approached him the alarmed student decided to make a run for it. Police had no trouble tracing him though – after all, he had had to give his name, address and ID number to the centre in order to take the test in the first place. 

Police later detained him and confiscated the offending phone. As a final indignity Guardia Civil doctors had to be called in to remove the earphone. The student had pushed it so far down his ear canal in an effort to hide it that it was stuck fast. 


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