Egyptian consul released in Madrid after diplomatic immunity halts ‘abuse’ probe

Consul Of Egypt Can’t Be Touched
Consul Of Egypt Can’t Be Touched Credit: Shutterstock

The second highest ranking officer of the Egyptian Embassy has been detained in Madrid for allegedly abusing his wife and daughter but his diplomatic immunity has protected him from any further legal action. 

The accused who has been referred to by police as Tarek, A. was transferred to an interrogation unit in order to confirm his identity but the authorities were told as soon as his position was confirmed that he must be released pending no further investigation. 

The victim of the gendered abuse was made aware of her right to police protection and at first she told officers that she would press charges. According to official sources however, representatives of the Egyptian Embassy arrived at the scene of the crime to convince her not to make any allegations. 


Diplomats that hail from countries outside the jurisdiction of the country where they are temporarily staying are protected under article 31 of the Vienna Convention which conveys that any foreign emissary in this situation is exempt from all legal ramifications for any contravening action, without exceptions. 


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