These Potent Nuts

Nuts are full of complex B vitamins
Nuts are full of complex B vitamins Credit: Pixabay

According to Spanish researchers, eating a handful of walnuts, almonds or hazelnuts every day could increase a mans libido and even enhance his orgasm. 

Scientists from Catalonian universities have run some raunchy tests to ascertain whether subjects feel the effects of the powerful antioxidants in these nuts which famously increase blood flow and do wonders for the cardiovascular system. 

There is also the small matter as to whether the micronutrients in the nuts send signals to the penis for a further stimulative effect. Nuts are rich in nutrients and folic acid which have both been linked to improving sperm quality. 

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Of course there are much more salient benefits to folic acid, it is one of the few B vitamins that has a measurable dietary effect on the body, creating new cells and maintaining old ones. It can also help to mitigate the effects that alcohol has on the liver and goes some way to curing anaemia. 

In terms of erections however, the Barcelona based research groups conducted a double blind trial in which one of the two test groups was given 60g of nuts per day and one was not, in a bid to test whether the theory that nuts power nuts is indeed sound science. Turns out nobody wants to make that leap just yet but from several different assessments it appears that the men who ate their nuts had better sex than those who didnt. 

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