Spain United Against Hepatitis C

Hepatitis C is now easily treated with Sofosbuvir or Simeprevir
Photo Credit: CDC Hepatitis C is now easily treated with Sofosbuvir or Simeprevir

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Spain will be the second country in the world to eradicate the immunodeficiency disease Hepatitis C according to various studies coming out of respected institutions in the United States and Germany. 

These studies have ascertained that the disease will be first beaten in Iceland in 2023 and then a year later in Spain in 2024. This prediction comes in light of the recent call for action against Hepatitis C put out by the World Health Organisation (WHO) who suggested that all countries should better their provisions to isolate and destroy the virus before 2030. Spain has agreed to the WHOs advice and looks to be compiling significant resources to improve this particular area of health. 

In 2015 alone 2.5 billion euros were spent on researching and treating the disease and 130,000 patients were treated successfully. La Rioja is set to be one of, if not the first province to completely eradicate the disease following researchers’ assertion that it has diagnosed and treated 91% of those carrying the virus with a 97% success rate. 

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According to the WHO data, In Spain around 1,500 patients per month and around 18,000 per year get treated for Hepatitis C. This leaves a further estimated 60,000 to 70,000 people who are still unaware that they are carrying the virus. 

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