Sevilla Reports Climate Emergency

Seville’s famous sunshine is only getting stronger
Photo Credit: Pixabay Seville’s famous sunshine is only getting stronger

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Sevilla has become the first city in Spain to declare an emergency due to the rising temperatures which are causing danger to the environment and all living things. 

In the wake of several deaths due to heat stroke and lots of plant life being decimated by the strong sun, the council of Seville has banded together with the environmentalist group Adelante Seville (AS) to try to mitigate the heat with a solid plan of action. 

The plan is to approach the situation in three phases. Firstly they had to sound the alarm so that the issue of severe temperatures starts to be taken more seriously. The next phase will be to inform the public on how to combat rising temperatures and after that the city as a whole can then come together and start to make lasting changes to better manage the heat. 

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A spokesperson for AS mentioned in a council statement that several environmentalist groups such as Ecologists in Action, Equo and Fridays for Future Seville are supporting the initiative and are backing it with their own ideas. 

The first thing on the councils list to improve will be the green areas in the city as much of the woodland has been chopped down or left to diminish. 

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