Cartagena Excavation Comes To A Close

Cartagena Excavation Comes To A Close
Cartagena Excavation Comes To A Close

The Cartagena amphitheatre excavation came to a close yesterday after more than a week of archaeological digs funded by the council and its volunteers. 

300 young people came to help with the exploration of one of the treasures of the Murcia region, a stage big enough to rival that of Malaga and one that was only recently discovered. 

In their down time the youngsters who ranged from 18-30 were able to play water sports and other cultural and recreational activities on offer as a small thank you for their service. 

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Mayor of Cartagena Ana Belen Castejon approved the initial project and the rectifications to it which followed with the support of the General Directorate of Culture and Property who played an important role in drafting the plan. In the end over €400,000 was spent on the excavation. 

Now that the volunteer excavation has come to an end, Mayor Castejon can initiate phase two of the operation to restore the amphitheatre and its surrounding areas with the help of the team of architects that have mapped out a new parking lot and various improvements to the infrastructure. 

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