50th Anniversary Of The Monarchy’s Revival

50th Anniversary Of The Monarchy’s Revival
50th Anniversary Of The Monarchy’s Revival

After the public vote to end the monarchy in 1931 forced King Alfonso XIII into exile, the Spanish monarchy was absent for almost forty years before returning and negotiating an accord with Francisco Franco. 

In July of 1969, just after the moon landing, Francisco Franco named Juan Carlos De Borbon as his successor in his capacity as Head of State. 

This was due in part to pressure Franco was receiving from the most senior members of his team such as Admiral Carrero Blanco. Franco was showing early signs of Parkinson’s around this time and could be easily manipulated by those closest to him. 

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On the other hand, Franco was often referred to as the most monarchist of the Spaniards’ by Gonzalo Fernandez De La Mora so it would appear that his decision to revive the monarchy was rooted in some deeper moral monarchal obligation. 

In the agreement between the crown and the republic, Franco made it clear that if a monarch was to once again sit on the throne of Spain it would be as an ambassador for peace as opposed to war. This led him to reject Juan Borbons request to join the military. 

After Francos death six years later in 1975 the Borbon family were declared leaders of the state and then three years later in 1978 the Spanish Constitution affirmed the monarchys ascension. 

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